WorkEtc [SaaS]

    WorkEtc is a feature-rich application that enables small and medium-sized organizations to manage all aspects of Customer Relationship and Project Management. I joined WorkEtc as a paying customer in 2008. Despite the rich features, the application interface, navigation, and user-experience structure was preventing users from fully and efficiently using the application. I voluntarily provided feedback to the support engineers with the aim of identifying issues and improving the application.

    This caught the attention of the vendor, and I was requested to do a systematic review of various modules of the application. The resulting User Interface, User Experience, and feature review has been the basis of the recent build-out that has pleased and impressed both the application users and owners. The documents developed for use as basis for feature development are not published in the public domain (paid-for, and therefor exclusive to WorkEtc). However, here are some mentions of my contributions to WorkEtc.