Stock Artists Alliance

    Before the implementation of this website, this non-profit organization used a static website, and a collection of unlinked online tools. I developed this CMS driven website and tools based on the Drupal framework. Prior to our meeting, the client already had a set of visual layouts and requirements that has been developed without giving consideration to any possible application structure or constraints. I built a fresh Drupal theme based on pre-established branding standards, and integrated existing modules to provide all the features required. In addition to disseminating information to the public, the website provides a two-tier membership program. Paying, and non-paying members. The non-paying membership enables regular visitors to access information that is not available to the general public, which paying members have access to even more restricted content and association membership benefits. This ecommerce portion is managed using Ubercart in addition to other Access Control/ACL modules.
    Beyond the visible improvements as seen by members and the general public, the new Content Management System automated membership management and vastly improved the efficiency with which SAA could manage membership and collect dues.