Double Standards: How we can get corralled to excuse some, and resist others

    It is funny, strange, and sometimes disappointing how, if a company (like Google) makes a decision that is inconvenient to us in the short-terms, many brand it as draconian, unfair, selfish etc. But if it is Apple, the most we do is mention how it does not work right now, but is a visionary decision that is a foundation for something greater.

    Google is consolidating the TOS document to allow it to grow and better mine the data it has access to! Sounds blunt? yes Google is not a government department and it is in it for money, not charity either. So I wonder why we are surprised that it wants to connect that fact that I post a great deal about User Experience and Web Development, and that I may be driving to Ohio (Facebook will even integrate the fact that I am about to visit someone who plays farmville).

    Back to Apple. The main reason that I still do not have an iPad is because it does not provide a way to attach multiple documents. Yes, in the perfect Apple world, everyone is using iCloud and documents can be referenced instead of being attached. But since iPad-1 came out, it has already been 3 years and in that time, we are languishing without attachments!! We gladly accept that as temporary pain while we wait for salvation from Apple.

    Posts such as the below are very rare when we get similar treatment from our darling cult -