Effective and usable Content Management  Systems go beyond the installation and management of tools. The software needs to be structured and configured to fit the character and needs of your company, while the users need to buy-in to the changes, and be trained to integrate the system, and the workflow and cultural changes necessary for optimal success.

    I am skilled, and have extensive experience in the development of Content Management Systems (CMS) based on the Drupal framework. I can design, develop, configure, theme, and maintain the technical tools. There are many fine Drupal developers and sitebuilders in the market for you to choose from, what distinguishes me is my ability to individually attend to the needs and objectives of your project, and focus on understanding your objectives, contributing to the decision-making and system design process, before writing the first line of code. While in the implementation stage, I remain the core member of the development team and an informed ambassador of your goals. By being a member of both teams, your project benefits from a rare and beneficial situation where a person that contributes in the shaping the decision-making process is also a key member of the development team.  No effort is wasted or misdirected.

    Based on your preference, I will be onsite for consultation, and/or to review the project at each milestone.